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Got something on your mind?

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We would like to challenge young film talents to explore the social environment around them from the perspective of "change”, and find stories that resonate when compared to history vs present/future, young vs old, local vs global. The aim is to contribute to having the participants explore the bonds between humans and environment (social and/or natural) that keeps you in a place, or what makes you want to leave, or to put something behind you.

 The result will be short documentaries and/or photo essays, made by young film talents, paired with local assistants and/or film makers. The participants will deliver notes of reflection on their films, and record a short, personal deliberation about the process of making it, and other “behind-the-scenes” experiences they’ve had. The projects should contribute to give a sense of place, both for the audience and filmmakers/photographers, and lead to reflections around the theme "place vs person" in a globalized world.

The YoungDOX workshop is aimed at young talents that wants to explore the genre of short docs and photo essays. Cooperation between the participants in exploring ideas, and sharing experiences, will be central to the process.

Accommodation and travel expenses is covered by Tvibit!

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1st phase: Workshop, research and idea development

2nd phase: research and production

3rd phase: editing masterclass

4th phase: editing, re-shoots

5th phase: screenings & publication of results

6th phase: reflections


The workshop leaders will be a combination of working documentarists well attuned to the needs that may arise during the production period, photographers, writers and editors. If the projects or participants need it, we will assign specific mentors working with individual talents.


Phase 1: Idea development

 Focus will be inspiration, discussions and idea development, as well as researching, and getting to know the area we live in, and each other. The phase is dominated by workshops, coupled with discussions and research trips. Teams and ideas are formed.

 There will be an inspirational workshop the first day, seeing what's trending in short docs around the web, and exploring the horizon of possibilities in the group and the area we live in.


Storytelling workshop: exploring theme through character: using "character development" as a tool across disciplines to explore what identity is. Through the invention of fictional characters, and probing questions, the participants explore and become aware of how people become attached to the stuff that surrounds them, and the importance sensibility and storytelling has in our creation of our own myths and self-identity. The method is used to develop stories that resonate, by exploring people’s behavioural patterns regarding objects, environment and social connections.

1 day will be dedicated to a depth interview workshop, coupled with further exploration and deliberation of the projects.

Phase 2: Production

The teams have decided on ideas, and start planning and filming material for their projects. Weekly gatherings with talks and discussions about their projects.

Phase 3: Editing

Workshop that will focus on delving into the filmed material, and rediscovering what is there. With the audience in mind, the workshop aims to help the filmmaker engage the watcher artistically and thematically, and not just recite information, while staying truthful to the subject.

Phase 4: editing, sound/music, and reshoots if more material is needed.

Phase 5: Screenings and publication of material. 

Phase 6: Evaluation and reflections on the process: after public screenings in October.



Mathilde Sofie Henriksen