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Nihiloxicas drum and dance

Nihiloxicas drum and dance 25. October 16 00 Tvibit, Konsertsalen

Insomnia has a touch of African acts and rythms this year, and Nihiloxica is one of them. Intrigued by both the origins of these rhythms and the techniques required to perform them, there was nothing else to do than invite them to host a workshop for us. Nihiloxica are going to show us the essence of what they do musically and demonstrate how to get down and dance to it Ugandan style. They'll be taking us on a cultural journey from Buganda through all the kingdoms from which they draw their rhythms.

Activities will include:

•    Learning traditional rhythms through both drumming and dancing.

•    Playing on a Bugandan drum set.

•    Learning techniques of playing hand percussion instruments.

•   Q&A and traditional performance from the band.

This workshop is open to all and free of charge. Please sign up here.

This workshop is presented as part of SHAPE Platform.

Insomnia Workshops 2019

 General info:

Insomnia has always sought to be a creative force of the vibrant music community in the north. One of our means to do this is to program a series of workshops each year, hosted by some of the interesting artists visiting the festival. This year the workshop program is as varied as our music program: from learning about African beats and drum methods by Nihiloxica to creating 3D visuals with Sabrina Ratte.  Abelton courses for beginners with Gaute Barlindhaug and for the more advanced with Perera Elsewhere. There will be an FM Synth crash course with Center of the Universe, and last but not least, Russian sound alchemist, Rihardas Norvila, will teach you how to create your personal electronic instrument. And if you are hungry for more after this - Rudow will host a weekend of field recording later in the year.


So dont be shy – if you are curious about electronic music production now is the time to get started!

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