Sidequest North

Sidequest North is a week long focus on creative development in storytelling, concept development, game design and technological experiments with local and international mentors at Tvibit. 

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The Program:

Workshops and masterclasses will be held throughout the week at Tvibit - a cultural hub and talent development center in Tromsø, Norway. This culminates over the weekend where participants can spend time working on prototypes of their ideas in teams and present their findings to their peers. 

Mentors for this inaugural edition of Sidequest includes Matteo Menapace, resident game designer at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Charlene Putney, one of the writers of award-winning roleplaying game, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and Vivienne Koh, Educational Leader at Futuregames in Sweden. Together with local mentors, the aim of this event is to help participants have a better understanding of the fantastic journey into realising their game/interactive/media projects.  

Sidequest: North is a program developed by the Creative Technology department at Tvibit in collaboration with Changemakers Educations in Sweden, with support from Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge Samfunnsløftet. 

Workshops and masterclasses are open to all but pre-registration is required due to limited spaces. Priority will be given to participants between the ages of 15 -30 residing in North Norway who may qualify for travel subsidies. See here for more information -

Quest 1: The Seed of Ideation (28.10)

Workshop leader: Ismet Bachtiar

How do you process a seed of an idea? What are the core things that you should be focusing on with communicating an idea to collaborators and funding channels? This workshop focuses on the genesis of developing a concept - in all media forms be it games, comics, films or even something completely new!

The masterclass will be run by Ismet Bachtiar, whose past experience developing commercial games, museum exhibitions, applications, games and films gives him a broad perspective and best practices with working on concept development and putting ideas into motion. 

Quest 2: Designing the Bigger Picture (29.10)

Workshop leader: David Skaufjord

The most exciting part of ideation comes with putting together the elements that represents its intended look and feel. How do concept designers build from a creative brief and what useful tips should writers and artists take into consideration on collaborative projects?

David Skaufjord is a writer, amongst many other creative roles. Together with Tromsø-based cartoonist Jens K. Styve - they are the collaborative creative team behind an epic, satirical adventure comic strip Sidequest.

David will be leading the workshop talking about the collaborative process in world-building - and the big picture of finally seeing it happen.

Quest 3: Making Ideas Playable (30.10)

Workshop leader: Matteo Menapace

How do you make a new game? This workshop focuses on the creative process of analysing, ideating, prototyping and playtesting games. You will go from an idea to a playable prototype in just a couple of hours!

We will remix boardgames, because they are quicker and more collaborative to work on. But the same creative process can be applied to many other creative fields, from videogames to film and music.

This workshop will be run by Matteo Menapace, resident game designer at the V&A Museum in London. Matteo teaches people how to make games that encourage collaboration and experimentation, and help us explore complex ideas.  

Suitable for everyone. No prior game design or coding knowledge required. 

Quest 4: Roleplaying Reality (31.10)

Workshop leaders: Vivienne Koh, Henriette Myrlund

How do you go from playing with ideas to essentially acquiring the life skills to get a media production up and running. This workshop focuses on the challenges of pitching, financing and scariest of all… learning the skills to achieve it. 

Workshop will be held by Vivienne Koh from Changemaker Educations in Boden, Sweden - whose Futuregames courses fast track creative talents with skills to develop their ideas. Henriette Myrlund will also be talking about her experience working on commercial and indie productions here in Tromsø, and a behind the scenes look of developing her project, The Cabin. 

Quest 5: Words Form Worlds (01.11)

Workshop leader: Charlene Putney

Infusing complex stories with believable characters is a difficult task, bringing voice to the social environments around players. How do we connect these random points with story while keeping pace with the overall universe? What does it mean to be a world-builder?

Charlene Putney is a writer of the award-winning RPG Divinity series and presently works as a game developer for Copenhagen-based framebunker. She also teaches writing and yoga around the world. This particular workshop focuses on generating inspiration, cultivating writing techniques and understanding the important things to consider when weaving complex stories for games. 

Quest 6: Hack the Jam (01.11 - 03.11)

Workshop mentors: Matteo Menapace, Vivienne Koh, Charlene Putney, Henriette Myrlund

Participants will focus on producing a prototype of a game product, either analog or digital - or even a carefully thought out presentation of a concept that they are working on. Hack the Jam gives participants the opportunity to use the facilities at Tvibit, form up in teams and work with our professional mentors in bringing their ideas to life. 

Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the jam.  Participants can opt to work overnight on their projects and present their findings at 1700 , 3rd November. 


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For booking or questions, contact Ismet Bachtiar.